Melissa Neal

Behaviour Consultant

Melissa began dancing at the age of 4, and has always had a keen interest in all things related to the expressive arts. Her passion for working with children with special needs developed over ten years ago working within community programs and led her to complete her Master’s in Educational Psychology at the University of Victoria. She currently resides in Calgary working as a Registered Provisional Psychologist.

Growing up exploring the arts and using them as a form of personal growth and expression turned into a professional pursuit while interning for an arts organization in New York City. Integrating her passion for working with children and families with special needs, and love of the arts led her to explore various therapeutic modalities and intervention programs in cities including Victoria, Vancouver, New York and Calgary, eventually landing here at Dubasov as part of our dynamic team.

Melissa thrives off of the unique, unpredictable, and special moments that she shares with the children and families she works with every day, and is so excited to share these moments with everyone at Dubasov Dance & Wellness!