Dubasov Dance & Wellness is grateful for the opportunity to offer the Sofia Smiles Scholarship.
Funded by the generous donation of a family enrolled at Dubasov, Sofia’s scholarship will allow more people with special needs the opportunity to access our quality expressive arts and movement programs.
When our daughter Sofia was first diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 5 we were devastated for her and thrust into a world of unknowns. As a result of her tumor, and the treatments associated with it, she now has significant physical and cognitive disabilities. Like so many other children with developmental delays, Sofia had a rare condition and we initially struggled to find a place where she could participate in activities with other children like her.
However, Dubasov Dance was the perfect fit for her and our family. She has thrived with volunteers who help her dance and the friends she has made.  In addition, the parent community has been an amazing support for us and many families, as there is an unspoken compassion for each other as we watch our beautiful children through that glass window in the studio each week.
When we thought of starting a scholarship fund in Sofia’s name we wanted to support a local institution that helped children with both physical and cognitive challenges across a wide range of needs – and Dubasov Dance is one of the few places we encountered that did so in such a fun and compassionate way. Now we would like to support other families join the Dubasov community as words cannot express what a difference it has made in our daughter’s life.



  • Participant has been diagnosed with a disability
  • Family or Participant is experiencing financial struggles for reasons such as, but not limited to, job loss, low income, unemployment, on AISH, currently receiving government income, health issues, etc.
  • Applicants may apply for this scholarship up to a maximum of 3 times and re-applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis
  • Please Note:​ This scholarship is intended to help subsidize the cost of a program and may not cover the entire tuition cost as the objective is to help a larger quantity of participants gain access to our programs

If limited financial resources are deterring your child, or dependent adult from registering in one of our programs, please submit the application following the steps below.

Application Process


  1. Complete the application form here
    Note: The application requires a Letter of Intent with the following information:

    • Identify the applicant, their diagnosis and the proposed class(es) of interest
    • Explain the intent behind why you feel this scholarship would be beneficial to the applicant ex: physical benefit, current skills, social needs, personal interest, etc.
    • Describe the applicant’s history with expression arts or dance/movement programs and if they have any previous experience within Dubasov Dance and Wellness
    • Identify the amount of requested monetary support, explaining any additional circumstances that would impede upon the applicant’s ability to register ex: family circumstances such as additional financial burdens or challenges, loss of income, additional dependents, etc.
  2. Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Selection Committee, comprised of the Owner/Director of Dubasov and 3 additional members, and applicants will be notified via email once a decision is made

Additional Funding Options



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