Elle McAndrews

Music Therapist

Elle McAndrews is an accredited Music Therapist in Canada and board certified Music Therapist in the United States. Elle has shown her passion for music from a very young age. She can remember humming and singing songs as a small child and began playing the piano at 9 years old.

Elle sang in church and university choirs as a young adult, and enjoys song writing and performing in addition to her job as a Music Therapist. Elle completed her Grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music in piano and went on to pursue a major in classical piano during her degree at the Nazarene University College (now Ambrose University College). Elle discovered the music therapy profession shortly after receiving her Bachelor degree and went on to pursue her training at Capilano University in North Vancouver, British Columbia. She returned to Calgary to complete the 1000 hour internship requirements and graduated from Capilano University in 2013.

Upon completion of her education, Elle launched her own music therapy company, Core Music Therapy in June 2015 and continues to work with a variety of populations including ASD, CP, children with speech delay and varying developmental disabilities, acquired brain injury, woman and children at risk, and persons living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Elle also completed her level II Guided Imagery in Music training at Concordia in the Spring of 2015. She volunteers for Music Heals and the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund to raise money and awareness for music therapy in Canada.

Elle is extremely excited to join the DDW team and share her passion for music, singing, playing, and creating with others! Elle believes that at the core of each person is a musical being that is drawn to music, rhythm and sound in his or her own unique way. She believes that with support and the right environment, everyone can show their creative and musical self.