It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year! Here at Dubasov we eagerly anticipate this time of year, spring is blooming, and so are our students as we gear up for our year end showcase. This is such a treasured time for everyone involved, from the students and parents, to our instructor and volunteers, and all the family, friends and community members who make it all possible.

Our first official showcase was two years ago, with students staring in performances for our “Through the Seasons” theme. An exciting moment for all involved, as it was our first showcase, AND the first performance in our brand new studio! It was a particularly sentimental time, father’s day, ending the showcase of spectacular performances with the most important one of all, a dance for all our amazing, supportive dads! Our very own Director/Instructor/Creator Telisa Dubasov even performed a special number for her own dad who, along with her mom, have been Telisa’s biggest supporters, and integral contributors to the studio and all its success.


For our second year, we had already outgrown our studio space for performances, and held our next theme “Here, There, and Everywhere” at the Janice McTighe Center. It was incredible to watch all our students’ hard work come to life, with passion, perseverance and huge smiles shining through. Our all ages performance was a beautiful display of travel, adventure, creativity, and limitless possibilities.


This year we are excited to continue on with this annual tradition, hosting this year’s showcase “At the Movies” at the Carriage House Inn. Our students will be performing all sorts of iconic movie numbers, and we can’t wait to watch these Hollywood stars shine! Come join us on Sunday June 11th for a show that will no doubt leave you smiling, inspired, and eager to see next year’s sequel!