The success of our students and our programs here at Dubasov thrive off the support of our incredible volunteers and interns. By partnering with organizations within our community including Youth Central and EarlyBird Youth Services we have been blessed with some incredible team members over the years! The practicum students, interns, and volunteers on our team are the fabric of who we are and our commitment to providing quality programs to our community. Their energy, passion, and commitment to helping others move, smile and express themselves is pure magic, and we couldn’t be more thankful for all the hours countless people have dedicated to the studio, students and community. Our doors are always open to anyone who wants to join our team – no dance, yoga, music or art skills required! Just a passion for supporting others and a willingness to get moving, get messy, and get creative!


Want to know what it feels like to be a part of the Dubasov team? Read on to learn about our summer interns experiences this summer. It’s safe to say the students weren’t the only ones to have a blast!

-Lulu Wang, Summer Intern 2016-

“With the first week of summer camp wrapping up, the Dubasov studio is filled with a lingering atmosphere of bittersweet longing and sadness. I sit on a bench, observing my young friends gallop over to their fathers and mothers, eager to show off the moves they had learned throughout the week. As a graduating high school student leaving the province for university, the summer volunteer opportunity Dubasov Dance and Wellness offers me a source of physical and mental enjoyment and relaxation. Kids of all abilities and ages, primarily those between 5 and 14, flock to the dance studio, curious as to what new skills they would learn from Miss Telisa and her volunteer leaders. Sunny studio mornings are filled with simple, joyous movement activities, during which we direct the kids in doing jumps, crawls, and twirls in tune to some upbeat music. Snack time ensues, allowing the kids to enjoy some nutritious and replenishing food while they interact with one another. Come afternoon, crafts and sensory exploration stations are the norm, allowing the youngsters to delve into their creative imaginations and experience new things.

Whether it be painting, flower potting, or music making, the kids always seem to enjoy what they are seeing, feeling, and hearing. Finally, as the morning progresses into noon and yoga exercises are performed and finished, the kids become anxious to go home and see their mommies and daddies. At this time of day comes a relaxing and comfortable parachute activity, in which lights are turned off and the kids are laid onto the ground to have a large parachute repeatedly tossed up and pulled down over them. Mischievous giggles and rolling over ensue, followed by a period of quiet and soft breathing. Lights are later turned on, signaling the time to go home.

I have really enjoyed my first week volunteering as a leader for Telisa. The experience has not only allowed me to bond with my young friends, but has also brought me the opportunity to broaden my worldview and associate with other volunteers my age. Seeing the happy expressions on some of the kids’ faces comfort me; the daily activities I lead reassure me that dance and movement are not discriminative of physical or mental ability – rather, they are inclusive of everyone, and allow everyone to achieve a range of human experience.”

-Jenny Song, Summer Intern 2016-

“As an intern for Dubasov, my responsibilities include both hands-on work with the camp participants and managing the marketing aspect of the business. Working with the children from each camp is amazing. I get to see how much each individual develops in just five days time. With the physical activities, we get to see movement and memory improvements, while with art; we see creativity and focusing abilities. My favourite part of each camp is the music session. Through just one hour with the music therapist, each student really connects with the sounds and becomes increasingly vocal. This chance for students to come in and interact with people their age opens up the opportunity for him or her to navigate social waters with more ease. It gives me great joy to say that I am involved in such as wonderful program and have the privilege to watch individuals grow.”