Oh Hello There!

Welcome to Dubasov’s brand new blog! A place where we can share who we are, what we do, and invite you to join our group of movers, creators, performers, and supporters! Dubasov Dance & Wellness is more than just a space for people to dance, move and create – it is a community. A place to share joys, challenges and resources, and we will be sharing all of that here with you. Thank-you for joining us!

So who are we and what do we do?

“I’m not interested in how people move. I’m interested in what makes them move”. – Pina Bausch

Blending her passion for dance and working with people in the special needs community, Telisa Dubasov founded Dubasov Dance & Wellness in 2010 to provide children, youth, adults and families the opportunity to express themselves and share in the joy of movement. She dreamed of creating an accessible space where all abilities would feel welcome to dance, move and express themselves, hence our tagline “movement for all abilities”. That was the heart and start of the studio. Since then our programs have grown to encompass all forms of expression including music, art, yoga and so much more. In 2014 we opened our brand new space allowing us to offer more space to be creative, build a community, and diversify our programs. But, the foundation of who we are is not our studio, nor our programs, it is our amazing team! We are instructors, volunteers, interns, practicum students, family members, high school students, professionals, and we love what we do! This dedicated, passionate, energetic team is the fabric of Dubasov, and the reason we can offer programs and support our growing community of movers, shakers, and creators!

Check out this great crew (they’re not bad at moving and grooving either!)dsc05837

“The freedom we are looking for is the freedom to be ourselves, to express ourselves.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

We dance, march, stretch, paint, drum, clap, sway, breathe, laugh (and sometimes even cry!). These are just a few of the ways we express ourselves at Dubasov.  We strive to offer a safe, positive and welcoming environment where students can create lasting friendships, build self-confidence and experience joy through the expressive arts. We foster growth, success and nothing but good times through specialized programs. These programs are tailored to the needs of each of our students supporting their physical, cognitive, developmental and behavioural exceptionalities. That’s the thing – we are all exceptional and we aim to embrace every person’s unique qualities and provide a space to share them in their own special way. Whether it’s in a yoga, dance, or arts class each person is encouraged to express themselves using their body, props, and creativity. Our programs are always expanding and are developed to support not only our individual students, but our families and community as a whole. Don’t think we forgot about you parents! You get a chance to restore, relax and connect with others through our Restorative Parent Yoga class, or join us for some Laughter Yoga with the whole family. All in all what we do is move, smile, and share memorable experiences with others, and offer the freedom to be yourself, express yourself, love yourself.

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Enough about us! We want to get to know YOU! We invite anyone who is interested in joining our community, whether as a student, parent, volunteer, intern, professional, passionate pursuer of expressive arts, or a general fan of having fun to come join us for a class. Don’t be shy and drop on by!