Proud to offer quality specialized and inclusive Dance, Movement, Yoga, Music, Creative & Performing Arts programs, Dubasov Dance and Wellness, was a dream turned into reality in June 2010 by Founder, Telisa Dubasov. Uniting her passions for dance, yoga and her work in the field of special needs, Telisa created a company which offers children, youth and adults the opportunity to express and free themselves through movement and the arts. Priding ourselves on quality instruction and compassion for each individual participant, Dubasov Dance and Wellness Inc. strives to ignite imagination, tap into the soul and energize the spirit through all of our programs. Our ever evolving and innovative programming ideas and opportunities are endless and we invite you to join the warm hearted Dubasov Dance and Wellness family.

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A HUGE thank you to Dorsch Roofing and Exteriors for offering a $50 scholarship to a camper from each week of our 2017 summer camps!

Their generosity continues with this special promotion:


I just want to say a huge THANK YOU!!!! What you do for those kids is beyond incredible!!!!! I appreciate all the effort and love you give them. We are truly lucky to have you in our lives and our daughter loves dancing with you :)

She is so happy to come, when we say “we’re going to Miss Telisa”, she is literally running to get her shoes and she’s ready by the door before us and waiting…She is putting aside food, iPad, whatever she’s doing and she’s at the door in two seconds :D It feels so good to see her so excited!

Just wanted to thank you for being YOU!  You are an inspiration for all of us. It’s so lovely to see all of our kids so happy and relaxed beside you

Since my daughter has started your program she has a new light of light that shines through her eyes. She is more social now and she is reaching out to get her brother’s attention and she is making sure she is heard and seen. Waves to most people and blows tons of kisses. She is smiling more and when asked to look in a certain direction or turn her head she listens. She has a deeper sense of awareness and wisdom coming out now. Thank you so much for providing such a meaningful program for such special children. You are one of those bright lights that the world needs. Watching you with those girls, makes my heart smile in such a big way. You are truly amazing!  You and your program are a blessing and we would love to help people see the gift you are makes my heart smile when I think of all the children you have touched in some way to ignite that light inside them and even more so for those kiddos yet to participate. To think in only two classes your program changed her world!

Our young adult daughter, who has special needs, has worked with Telisa for several years. I have seen very few people who are so gifted in dealing with differently abled people in such a natural, loving and accepting way. It’s an amazing gift!

The creativity, joy, patience, wisdom and love that you bring to every class is apparent with even the most casual observation of the children.  The integrity and strength of your character and vision is evident in the way that family, friends and workers eagerly try to support you.


Bay 12, 6325 – 12 St SE
(North of Deerfoot Meadows near Costco and Ikea)

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